We are an Educational Hub that offers a Spectrum of Services that include:
Aftercare and Holiday Care
Weekend classes & Tutoring
Robotics & Coding
Social events & Camps
Remedial & Assisted Learning Classes
Exam Support / Study Preparation
Extra Murals, Sports and Dance
Practical Life Skills Classes & Crafts
Tutoring in Afrikaans and English
Pre School Services & Child Care
Play Groups
Basic First Aid Training
What we are NOT (DisAllowed Terminology)
We Are NOT:
A Tutor Centre
A Cottage School
A Mainstream School
Managing Society, Do not agree with any of these Business Models and it is very important to us to Always align ourselves legally.
*Please familiarise yourself with: Who we are, What we offer and Who we are Not
Do I Tutor my Child?
Yes, you do:
Study Material
Study Notes
& So Much More
Woman tutotring young boy
The Role Parents Play:
Primary Decision Maker
Schooling Type
Primary Educator / Tutor @ Home
Curriculum Decider
Entitled, Allowed to employ and Contract Assistance from Tutors to educate and tutor your child.
Primary place of tutoring – to always be known as your home address.
Responsible Parent want to Home School their precious child.
Education Hub offers Many Services One of those is our Tutoring Services. With all our various services and offerings, you can structure a package that suits You and your child / children, Perfectly.
We guide parents on where and how to register their children with the education department.
It is always important to understand that you, the parent will always & must always be seen and respected as the primary educator. “Education Always Starts @ Home”
If we leave the Home Tutoring option and we as Parents, decide to take our child into Main Stream Schooling – Would they be accepted? YES!
Do you generate Reports? No we don’t, BUT, we do offer detailed feedback and assessing of how your child is mastering Skills and Learning.